• Lichtpause Preorder22-09-17

    You get this 4-coloured riso print as a preorder special if you order my upcoming book Lichtpause over at Rotopol. The book will be out by October 6th.

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  • Lichtpause: Rezension im Missy Magazine14-09-17

    Mein neues Buch Lichtpause erscheint am 06.Oktober, und ist schon besprochen. In der aktuellen Ausgabe des Missy Magazine.

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  • International Congress for Democracy and Freedom (II)11-09-17

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  • International Congress for Democracy and Freedom10-09-17

    My illustrations in the congress programme.

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  • Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie, Mannheim09-09-17

    The biennial opened yesterday, September 9th. A story I illustrated for an upcoming Spector Books publication (Lampedusa – Bildgeschichten vom Rande Europas) is on display in the
    „Other Testimonies. What does the setting reveal about the stance?“ exhibition. Curated by Florian Ebner.

  • gigposter19-08-17

    This was fun.

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  • Interview in this month’s analyse & kritik19-08-17

    Aisha Franz and I talk about comics, community, pepe the frog, money, and more. Online here.

  • Illustrations for International Festival of Literature Berlin12-08-17

    I designed a poster and a handful of illustrations for the International Congress for Democracy and Freedom, hosted by the Berlin Literature Festival this year.

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  • New book ‘Lichtpause’ out with Rotopol in October22-07-17

    The catalogue is online, it’s official: The poem I worked on in Algiers gets published as a book. 36 pages, beautifully produced. Looking forward!

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  • working on a new short22-07-17

    With a text by photographer / visual artist Nina Hoffmann.

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