• 08-12-16

    What a friendly writeup on my work on It’s nice that: „Paula Bulling has an illustration style that many wish for. Each of her sketches are effortlessly lovely. Landscapes, town squares filled with people, restaurants or bedrooms, each sketched out in a style of layered fluidity.“

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    visual poem / alger06-12-16

    in progress.

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    ‘La nuit’ in Rhizome#1506-12-16

    4 pages, French language, 3-colour riso print. Available through la boite à zines.

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    Samandal Magazine ‘Ça restera entre nous / خلف الباب’ out through Alifbata03-12-16

    Lebanese Comics magazine Samandal’s newest edition is co-published by Association Alifbata in Marseille.
    With Jonathan Blezard, Zineb Benjelloun, Thomas Azuélos, Raphaëlle Macaron, Karen Keyrouz, Omar Khouri, Mai Korayem, Othman Selmi, Barrack Rima, Samara Sallam, Noha Habaieb, Lara Tabet, Joseph Kai, Lisa Mandel, Jennifer Camper, Héléna Nehmé, Mohamad Kraytem, Jana Traboulsi, Nour Hifawi Fakhouri, Ala Wazni Faïl, Lena Merhej, Hashem Reslan, Ghadi Ghosn, Mery Cuesta, Hélène Georges, Manuel Maria Almereyda Perrone, Kamal Hakim and myself.
    This weekend in Paris at Salon SOBD, find out more here.

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    Rotopol Mystery Show03-12-16

    Kassel based publisher Rotopolpress opens their annual show of contemporary illustration tonight. Each piece on display is inspired by three little objects provided by the curators.

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  • illustrations out in leibniz magazine12-11-16

    On the subject of Ebola. 5 pages, full colour. AD Sina Schwarz. Read it online here.

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  • Mittendrin. Grafische Reportagen aus dem Alltag – Ausstellung in Leipzig31-10-16

    Mit Arbeiten von Tiziana Jill Beck / Johanna Benz, Paula Bulling,
    Enrique Flores, Charlotte Hintzmann, Viktoria Lomasko,
    Ulli Lust, David Schraven / Jan Feindt, Julia Severiens, Bo Soremsky u.a

    Eröffnung Do, 03.11., 19h

    KV Verein für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig e.V.
    Kolonnadenstraße 6, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

  • FIBDA, Algiers comics festival21-10-16

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  • Algiers sketchbook10-10-16

    I spent three weeks in Algiers to study Arabic and attend FIBDA, the Algiers international comics festival.

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  • Coming soon: Samandal05-09-16

    A new short story, drawn live entirely and starring four of my friends. To be published soon through Samandal (Beirut) and Alifbata (Marseille).

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